The Crowd Sourced Real-Time Intelligence Platform

Upfront aims to be an open public resource fit for the modern digital era. We hope to improve the general public’s access to threat-based information collection, analysis, and dissemination. We bring together news sources from around the world produce more relevant analysis into global security and public policy issues.

We are doing our best at the moment to leverage worldwide networks and crawlers to mine data. The goal being to work in a similar fashion as one would imagine the U.S. Governments [PRISM] program to do, but utilizing our own basic algorithms to filter data coming in and out.

On the general scale it helps to filter global news sources to keep general overall picture of public policy issue and global affairs. On the advanced scale, we can keep an eye on public social network activities, to pinpoint interactions (and cells of interactions) that appear to either precipitate, or contribute to events.

We aim to implement a full range of interactive intelligence products, by crowdsourcing our analysts and case officers into subject and locality-based teams. We will utilize both databases and visual analysis tools, as well as our primary reporting and geospatial products.

Our core concern is the general public. Not partisan politics, bureaucracies, or etc. The question will always come down to a practical examination of public safety and welfare for the purposes of alerting, reporting, and assisting in policy-making.

Below is just an example (dummy data) of our dashboard for the presentation of geospatial information. Accepted team-members from around the world will assist in collecting, exploited, and producing readily accessible information that is updated in as near real-time as possible.

Our headquarters will be putting together an online training program for new analysts and teams with ongoing education. The e-courses will help us add new skilled intelligence personnel worldwide to assist in data development. We aim to produce paid positions for these team-members, so they can dedicate a full time effort to the intelligence cycle, and allow those passionate people to greatly participate in civil issues.



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